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Dr. John J Madden graduated from Parker University in January, 2002.  He has over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry including chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, functional wellness, functional neurology, and functional endocrinology.

Dr. Madden has completed extensive post-graduate training in several areas as shown below:

  • Structural Correction with several institutions including Chiropractic BioPhysics, Clear Institute, Precision Spinal Correction, and Pettibon.
  • Functional Neurology was accomplished under Dr. Andy Barlow of the American Functional Neurology Group/Trigenics.
  • Nutrition and Functional Endocrinology – Apex Energetics, CellCore Biosciences, Wellness Way, Health Centers of the Future, Systemic Formulas, and Standard Process.

He has continuing education with several organizations such as

  • PI Beast Camp for personal injury documentation education
  • Collum Seminars for personal injury documentation education and extremity adjusting

Dr. Madden has been helping people reach optimal health naturally without the use of drugs or surgery since receiving his doctorate from Parker University in 2002, and has significant post-graduate training in numerous aspects of spinal correction and functional health.

His introduction to chiropractic began after his brother’s own life-transforming experience with chiropractic care as a child. Seeing patients for over 20 years, Dr. Madden has seen many instances of what people would call “chiropractic miracles’’, ranging from people with severe pelvic and lower back pain having less pain and more flexibility, people finally being free of debilitating migraines, breathing problems lessened allowing for more activity, and even some women that were not having any menstrual cycles having them again and becoming pregnant. “The nervous system controls and regulates all healing in the body through the spine, so it is vitally important to keep the spine functioning optimally.

“We love working with our patient and their families and seeing them get excited as they reach their health goals,” says Dr. Madden.

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