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Posture Correction

It is no secret that posture effects your health.  Everyone has been told to “sit up straight”.   If you want better posture, it is important to know what controls your posture, how posture effects your health, and how to permanently improve your posture. At Espinoza Chiropractic Concepts, we realize the importance of posture and as a result we are dedicated to the correction of bad posture as well as posture education for Austin residents.

Diagram of good and bad posture

What controls your posture?

A common misconception about posture is that one just needs to sit up straight. Although body positioning awareness is a good thing, using muscles to override your posture is not the solution.  Just ask yourself this question:  What happens after a few minutes of sitting up straight when your mind starts to focus on something else. The answer, as we all know, is the body slumps back into the bad posture. The reason for this is that muscles only have temporary control of our posture. As soon as the muscles relax, the posture returns to its current state. The reason why is that muscles move our spines and can temporarily straighten them up, but ligaments actually hold the spine together and control its permanent shape.  Being at the core of your body, your spine is responsible for your posture. Whatever your spine is doing it will force you to have that posture.  Just picture an elderly person with a humped back and head forward posture using a walker or in a wheelchair.  They do not want to be like that, but their collapsing spine is forcing them to be like that

How does posture affect your health?

Posture problems like forward head posture (FHP) can stretch the tissues of the neck including your airway, your spinal cord, as well as your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Research shows that forward head posture can stretch the airway and decrease lung capacity by as much as 33%.  Research also shows that forward head posture can stretch the spinal cord 1-3 inches!  This is why posture can effect all functions of your body.  Getting less oxygen and disrupting the signals from your brain to your body will always end with a high incidence of health problems.

Diagram of good and bad posture while doing various daily activities

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